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The plan of the digitalization 2010-2015

The digitalization of the book – collection

of the Academic Library of the University of Latvia (AL UL)

The aim of the digitalization

The preservation and accessibility of the fund of AL UL.

The main spheres of the digitalizationof the AL UL

book – collection

1. The search for the units from the book – collection that should be digitalized.

2. The maintenance of the digital archive of the book – collection of data entries and archive entries which are part of the digital archive.

3. To ensure that the users have access to the digital archive of the book – collection.

4. The participation in the creation and development of the Latvian Digital library “Letonica”.

The principles in accordance with which the materials are being chosen to bedigitalized

1. The demand from the users’ side.

2. The value, uniqueness, and number of the units of an item.

3. The value of an item for the Latvian and the Baltic cultural history.

4. The physical status of an item, safety.

The standard of the digitalization

The digitalization of the book – collection is being performed in accordance with the handbook elaborated by the Centre of Competence of Digital Libraries’ of the Latvian National Library - “The digitalization’ s handbook: scanning, the creation of data entries and archive entries”.

Human resources and technical equipment, necessary for the digitalization

In order to digitalize the fund 3 work stations, which are according equipped, were created in Misiņš library, the digitalization services are being outsources as well.

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